Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm 2 days late with this weeks news but better late than never! We had 19 people come this Tuesday including a surprise visit from our old (but actually quite young) friend Sook Rho! She had to stop coming to Nimblefingers to go to work in her husband's restaurant and we all miss her. This week Hattie had pulled out a sweater to finish knitting, Connie was trying to figure out if she had gone wrong on a supposedly simple knitted vest pattern, Kathy O. brought me a sample of her machine quilting and Deb brought news of Cathy M. who's home sick. Marie tried out the ladies' crocheted scrubbie pattern and brought in her final project to show. She's also been crocheting some hot pads. Kathy O. has decided that it's time for her to make a 4-patch posie quilt so Alberta was giving her instructions and moral support while Winnie played with the kaleidescope blocks. Pat H. is looking forward to making small quilts for the Linus project and took some of our stash for that purpose. In other words, we had another busy day!

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