Tuesday, March 25, 2008

14 ladies attended today. Connie and Hattie were here representing the knitters in the group, Alberta and Nancy the thread artists, and Kathy O. was crocheting scrubbies (thank you Kathy for the gift of 2 scrubbies--my old one fell apart). They rest of us were into our quilting. Darryl is making a gardening wall hanging for a friend, Pat's making her donation quilts, Agnes and Winnie were finishing up their 6 hr. quilts, Marguerite was quilting her 4 patch posie, I was sandwiching 2 baby quilts plus our bug jar blocks, and Marie brought in a treat--several quilt tops she has finished that are awaiting quilting. They were lovely. Marie is a very talented lady! I am sad to report that Cathy M. is out with pneumonia. She was in the hospital for a while but is home now. Hopefully spring will hurry up and come with some warm weather and she'll start feeling better and be eager to come see us again, if she's not too busy gardening. Remember, this Saturday morning is the meeting of the Junior Nimblefingers and we can always use some extra help!

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