Tuesday, April 22, 2008

15 ladies attended today. Last week Tina taught Kathy O. how to cro-hook and today Kathy came in with 2 finished dishrags. Marie brought in several more cro-hooking patterns. Alberta brought in her latest craft discovery. She read about creating embossed paper in a Carol Duval book. You simply use your rubber stamps, toilet paper, water and a brush. Surprisingly it makes a very elegant looking embossed paper. We were all rather intrigued by this. Fran brought in 3 aprons she had made. I brought in my purchases from Texas. Pat and Agnes have already started working on bazaar projects--pillows and teddy bears. Cathy Y. and Connie were knitting scarves and Deb was hand piecing her antique grandmother's flower garden pieces. Towards the end of the meeting Diane Luci came in. She is presenting a travel program tonight about her trip to the Galapagos Islands. She had made a quilt with pictures from the Galapagos which she brought in to show at her talk. We hung it for her while oohing and aahing over the pictures and her stories. It should be an interesting talk.

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Margot said...

Toilet paper???!!!