Friday, April 18, 2008

18 attended this week. Ingrid brought in a beautiful quilt she had finished. Edith was knitting a sweater in some kind of Swedish knit design with thin thread. I'm no expert, but it seemed very unique to me. Cathy M., Pat and Fran were bemoaning having joined the block of the month quilt this year--it is too, too hard! Marguerite brought her granddaughter Alexandra to join us but she's too active yet to settle down to handwork so she left early with her grandfather Harry when he got off of work. I missed Nimblefingers last week and am late posting my blog this week but will hopefully be more on the ball next week. Oh, an extra note, I was working last night and Pearl Kelly came in. Some of you may remember her--she was one of the original Nimblefingers members. She was using a walker and doesn't get out too often anymore, but happily she was still sharp as a tack! She said to say hello to everyone so a big Hello from Pearl!

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