Tuesday, July 24, 2007

21 ladies attended today--8 of them kids. It was another exciting day. As they entered the room my ladies found themselves drafted to help with either sewing, pinning, or ironing. Everyone gets a chance to be a teacher. Several of the girls finished their pillowcases and they were beautiful! I wish I had pictures but we were so busy helping no one had time to take pictures. It was also the last day for at least 3 of the girls. I helped 2 of them with their purses but learned in doing so that the sewing machines don't like really heavy fabric. I couldn't sew one of the purses because the fabric was too thick. Daryl brought in the upholstery so we went through it and pulled out the lightweight ones to use for the bags. I think we'll be fine next week when we start working on them. The girls are all very enthusiastic. They have made great sewing boxes and pillowcases and now have a little experience using a sewing machine. Hopefully they'll go on to sew some more. And all of my helper ladies seemed to enjoy helping even though it is a bit zooey. The kids enthusiasm is infectious so we all had a good time. Thanks to Pat and Winnie for the goodies! Pictured are Sadye and Abigail Goldfarb with their sewing boxes.

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