Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today was the first day of Junior Nimblefingers with the new sewing machines! 10 juniors and 20 seniors came. Joyce helped the first group of girls make a pin cushion and a sewing box. They will finish their sewing boxes next week. Marguerite showed the kids the tools of the trade. I gave them a tour of the sewing machine and got them started sewing on paper. Most of the kids will sew on paper again next week but a couple of kids may be ready to start their pillowcases. I have no idea what my ladies did as I was working with the kids but I did notice that Daryl brought in her Michigan quilt which she has starting quilting with the letter M. It looks great! I brought in a quilt top I made on the new sewing machines. Joyce was wearing a dress she made on one of the new sewing machines. The kids were very enthusiastic--in fact I got my first hug and kiss as a librarian today! I think this will be a fun summer.

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