Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The sewing machines have arrived! We had 1 available today for the ladies (18 of them) to try out. Joyce and I each took the other machines home to practice on. I've got to say, they're more complicated than I thought they would be. But we put our many heads together and figured most things out. It will take practice for us adults to use them so it may take even more practice for the kids. We'll find out next week though because the kids will be here! Today Marguerite brought in her blocks for the 4-patch posie quilt she is making. Daryl had her Michigan State quilt spread out to sandwich. Marie brought in a collection of beautiful collars she had tatted, crocheted, knitted and sewn, plus beaded belts and jewelry. She is a very talented woman. We're going to have her display her work in the display case in September. I brought in the fabric I bought at the Vermont Quilt Show, and Louise was back today. We've all been wondering when she would return. Agnes is the only one who finished the table runner Louise taught some of us and she is eager to show it to her. Next week should be an exciting week and probably a bit chaotic. But hopefully, we will start down the road to teaching these kids to sew!

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