Tuesday, May 22, 2007

17 ladies attended today. 3 brought in their 4-piece posie blocks to show from our workshop with Judy Schedlbauer. Many thanks to Judy--these quilts are a lot of fun to make! Other show and tell: Betty Smith's Sudoku quilt and her granddaughter Linda's scrap black/lime green quilt. Lots of food today, store bought pies, ice cream bread (?!) and Pat's delicious choco/peanut butter goodies. Betsy brought in her sewing machine so that she could work on prayer quilts for her church. Tina passed out her home-made finger thimbles. We are also getting groups together to go on a field trip to the Quilt Bug in Esperance and to the Wings Falls quilt show. Several of us are also planning to take one of the bus trips to the Vermont Quilt show later in June. Betty learned a new way to cast-on for knitting. She demonstrated this to some of us. Lots of talk and lots of fun.

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