Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things were really hopping at Nimblefingers today! We had 18 ladies in attendence. Judy Schedlbauer, an outstanding local quilter, came and demonstrated the 4-patch posie for us. At least 4 people came with fabric and equipment to make their own quilt so we should be having some nice show and shares for the next few weeks. Right now the Flying Geese quilt store on Rt. 155 has a show of 4-patch posies so if you want to see some more examples head up there. Also today the Library was filming a TV commercial about the Library in which our own Betty Smith was one of the stars! We will all eagerly await the release of this commercial so that we can see dear Betty on TV. Daryl is trying to get a group of people to take a field trip to the Quilt Bug in Esperance on June 7th, Thursday, in the morning. If you're interested let us know. We are also hoping some of you will sign up for one of the bus trips to the Vermont Quilt Show at the end of June. It's one of the region's best shows and if you haven't been it's well worth a visit. And there's still time to vote on the Village Quilters Ugly fabric contest. Come see the many ways in which they chose to use this particular ugly fabric. Cathy Maikoff left me with submission applications for the Altamont "Quilts in the Park" show in September. If you want a copy let me know. Fear not you non-quilters out there--there were still several sets of knitting needles clicking away today. We aim to appeal to all tastes and all crafts. Always have, always will.

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