Tuesday, May 08, 2007

20 ladies attended today. We had lots of show and share. Daryl had been given 2 yo-yo quilts and an unfinished piece of cutwork. Plus she had made two baby quilt tops for charity. Jean Kallop, back from Florida, showed us her storybook baby quilt for her new grandson. Betty Smith always surprises us with her quilts. Today she had a Sudoku quilt. The fabrics were chosen for her by the guy from the Woodstock quilt store and what a great job he did! The fabrics went together beautifully! Hope Heath had a nice quilt top she had made with lots of bright colors. Marie was wearing another of her wonderful pieced vests. And Julie showed off her San Francisco purchases. Linda O'Connor brought her sewing machine so that she could give extra help on the bags she showed us last week. Next week Judy Schedlbauer will be coming to demonstrate the 4-patch posie pattern. It's fun and easy so come prepared to cut, pin, and play! But don't think we've forgotten about our knitters/non-quilters--there are always a few of them scattered around the tables and we love to see what they're up to as well. With many of our ladies what they work on depends on what they grab as they're leaving the house--fabric or yarn! We are a multi-talented group who love to socialize!

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