Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We had a small group yesterday--only 9 of us. We were surprised though when Sally Olly from Canada walked in! She visits her brother/hometown every summer and likes to check in on us. Last year Jo Anne and I took her on a mini-shop hop but I'm afraid I'm too busy this week. It is nice to see her again though and very flattering that she  likes us enough to visit every year. Cathy C. also stopped by. She's still emptying out her Voorheesville house so brought in some magazines to give away. She has bought a house in Cape Cod now. She'll be wintering in Florida and summering in Cape Cod. Pretty nice! I just hope she'll stop by and visit her old friends when going between the two homes.  She seems very happy about her decisions but tired from all the packing, cleaning out, etc. I can imagine. When you haven't moved for a long time it's a real job to get rid of all your stuff. I dread when that time comes for me. Sally was putting the binding on a quilt she made for her neighbor who is a WWII veteran. It was a Canadian/American friendship/patriotism quilt with fireworks border and back. It was very nice. He'll be very pleased I'm sure. Fran was putting the binding on a large flowery quilt. It was cheerful and spring-like. Pat OR was working on a wool applique table runner. Elaine brought in her finished birdy table runner. It will be a Christmas present for a friend. Jo Anne keeps plugging away on her knitted turquoise scarf. It will be beautiful when it is finished. Marguerite was binding a quilt for the hospital made from donated squares. Debbie the librarian came in and cut some fabric in preparation for the teen sewing program on Thursday. We'll be making a simple bag. I'm helping out but anyone who wants to help can.

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