Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 ladies attended today. It was very hot and humid outdoors so we wondered if everyone was too hot to come to the library. Whatever...it's their loss. Agnes told me she got a call from Kathy O. who had bought a new Bernina, an embroidery machine, and was ultra excited. She's embroidered all of her t-shirts and now has started on Al's (though she promised him she wouldn't put any flowers on his t-shirts). When Kathy returns in the fall I'm sure she'll have a whole lot of show and tell. That will be something to look forward to for sure. Winnie was working on the mini-tin pin cushions. Sue and Betty were crocheting and cro-hooking away. Jo Anne was knitting away on her turquoise scarf and Marguerite was knitting her magenta scarf. I brought in a quilt to sandwich so several of the ladies helped me with that. I also brought in a wall hanging I had made from a kit I bought at the Somers quilt show. It is somewhat arty, though very simple.  Ethel came in towards the end of the meeting with her granddaughter Vivianne and Vivianne's finished quilt top. It's purple and pink with embroidered cats, dogs, hearts and flowers. It looks very little girlish and Vivianne seems very proud of it.

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