Wednesday, July 08, 2015

There were about 12 of us at Nimblefingers yesterday. Sue brought in our raffle quilt having fixed my 2 quilting goofs and put on the binding. So now it just needs a label then will be ready to turn over to the Friends of the Library to raffle. I think it's a very nice scrap quilt and it's been a long time coming. Pat OR laid out her sewn together top and back, laid on the batting, then we tried Eleanor Burns' method of rolling the corners till you reach the unsewn edge, then turning the whole thing inside out. It worked! I don't know why we doubted Eleanor Burns, she knows what she's doing. Pat is going to tie the quilt. I assume it will be done and in our show in February. It is a very pretty batik quilt. JoAnne brought in copies of the pictures of Winnie representing Nimblefingers on the library float in the Memorial day parade. They won the award for best float and it surely must be due to Winnie. Betsy came in yesterday. We haven't seen her for awhile. She is always busy going here and there so it's nice when she takes some time off to visit her old friends. Joyce also came in and showed us the bag she made in a class at Amelia's Garden. It was very difficult to make--she said it took about 20 hrs. but it was spectacular. I loved the fabric she used also, with butterflies on it. I brought in the Quilts without borders quilt I was just finishing so told the group about that. I picked up a free kit at the Houston International Quilt Festival the last time I went. It took me a year or so, but I finally made it up and sent it off to Quilts Without Borders. After they received it they asked if I would be willing to quilt some quilts for them. They have lots of tops and not enough people to quilt them. So I said ok. They sent me 4 tops, backs, bindings, and labels. I finally finished the last one today--hurrah! I feel like I've been making charity quilts forever. Now I can finally get back to my own projects. I also took some time before the meeting to book the community room for some retreats this winter so we will have some fun sewing days to look forward to and can finish some more projects.

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