Tuesday, June 09, 2015

June 9, 2015

Hurrah! My blog is working! So that means I have to start writing in it again regularly. More work for me! Today is Tuesday and I'm back from Nimblefingers.  I counted the ladies twice and forgot twice how many attended. It was a good crowd anyway. Tina is getting ready to leave for the North country but Diane C. is back from the South.  Somehow it kind of evens out. Today I brought in our raffle quilt which we started about 4 years ago. It was lost in my sewing room for a couple of years but I pulled it out this year determined to get it finished. I didn't think it was big enough so we added more blocks. Then we sandwiched it and I took it home to machine quilt. I have been practicing machine quilting but haven't worked on a quilt as big as this one. Everyone thought it should be quilted on the diagonal and I have only practiced vertical and horizontal grids. I started quilting and was feeling very cocky when I turned it over and looked at the back. It had many, many, some very large tucks! So I started ripping out the quilting. I ripped and ripped then thought I'd iron it and see if I could straighten it out. But it was too big to put on the ironing board to straighten so I took it to the meeting today. No one thought I should rip out all of the quilting which is what I thought I should do. They thought I should quilt the diagonals in one direction only--not in a grid. This meant doing minimal un-sewing. Then we used some spray and bond to hold the sandwich together and straightened it out again. It's home now waiting for me to try again on the machine quilting. I, of course, think the quilt needs to be close to perfect but everyone says not to be so critical. If it looks too bad we can just raffle it among ourselves. What a nightmare! I will be so glad to finish it and get it out of my house!
Ethel came in with fabric and stories about her shop hopping. Jo Anne with fabric and stories about our shop hopping. I didn't bring in my fabric since I'm only focused on the raffle quilt. Maybe next week I'll bring in mine. Trudy brought in some hot pads someone gave her. They were crocheted and very nice. She had been shown how to make them but couldn't remember how. No one else could figure it out either so Trudy's going to work on it on her own. Betty brought in the pin cushion we had made in the Village Quilter meeting. It is cute and very easy to make. Some of us might make some more. Fran brought in a finished cat quilt. It was all black and white with the cats' tails quilted in (by Linda Denner of course). It was really cute. Tomorrow is Jo Anne's birthday so Tina brought in a card for all of us to sign and some cupcakes to help celebrate. Happy birthday Jo Anne!
So, welcome back to my blog. I'll try to keep it going this time!

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