Thursday, June 25, 2015

I missed Nimblefingers again. Two weeks in a row. This cold, or whatever it is, is really terrible. It's been almost 2 full weeks now and I still feel awful. And I hear there was a good show and tell on Tuesday. Debbie, one of the librarians, said she took some pictures. I'm sorry I missed it. On Monday I was determined to get back to work (on sewing of course). When I don't feel well all I really want to do is play with little pieces of fabric. When I last sewed I had been machine quilting and I knew I didn't have the energy for that. And my sewing room is a mess right now with no clear space for fabric cutting. I knew I also didn't have the energy for cleaning either. So I grabbed my box of 1 1/2" squares and played with them. I am still infatuated with the plus sign scrap quilt I made so I arranged my little squares into plus signs. I had enough for 1 placemat. Then I got out my 3 1/2" squares and made a bunch of plus sign placemats with them. When I no longer had enough of the same fabric squares to make a plus sign I started making 4-patches. I put 6 4-patches together to make more placemats. So I made 11 placemats all together. It used up a lot of my squares, some big pieces of ugly scrap fabric for the backs, and a lot of my old scrap batting. I like to make an accounting of how much of my stash gets used up in projects. I always seem to bring in more than I use up but there is still satisfaction in using up some of my stash. Tomorrow I am supposed to go to Amelia's Garden to get some help finishing my jacket since I missed class last week. I hope I'm feeling well and I really hope I'm not contagious. Then on Saturday I'm meeting Julie Ann Fortran and Linda Crannell for breakfast. Linda is in town for the Old Songs festival. I know some of you remember Betty Smith. She was one of the treasured quilters in my life. Linda is her grand-daughter. Julie Ann, Linda and I all went to the Houston International quilt festival together (the 1st time I went). We had a great time so it's nice to get together again. Since Linda moved away we don't get to see her often. I'm glad she contacts us when she does come for a visit. Again, I hope I'm not contagious. I'm hoping for better health so I can get back to my nimble friends. It's been way too long.

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