Tuesday, November 13, 2012

17 ladies attended today.  Ethel has been working hard: she finished her cross-stitch wedding sampler for her daughter and son-in-law, a pillow matching the quilt she made for her grandson, and a Christmas stocking for her new grandson. I hope she can put some of those in our show in February. Jo-Ann had been on a bus trip to New Hampshire to the Quilter's Gathering show. She came back with some new purchases to show. Kathy O. came in today. With her arm in a sling she can't do too much in the way of sewing but she got some help from Agnes to cut out her table runner. She's going to see if she can operate the sewing machine. Marie was knitting some socks, as was Sandie. Marie demonstrated the stitch she was doing. Boy was it complicated! Sandie says she'll give the stitch a try sometime but I think even she thought it was complicated. Marie is not afraid of complexity--she likes a challenge. Remember, we will be having our Christmas lunch on the second Tuesday of December. I will call ahead to find out costs. And, this year we have entertainment: slide show of Elaine and Bob Suss' rafting trip down the Colorado river. Husbands are invited.

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