Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yesterday 10 of us met over at the Home Front cafe for lunch while the community room was being used for a kids craft program. We had a nice little lunch although the room was a tad chilly whenever the door was opened. Nevertheless it was nice being with friends and having an outing on what would otherwise be a very dreary day. Jo Ann and I ordered dessert and when I offered Winnie a bite of my chocolate cake she declared: I don't want just a bite! and grabbed the waitress to order her own piece of cake. She was given a rather large slice so we all teased her a bit. I hope she didn't mind. After lunch we went next door to the yarn shop. I think I'm the only one who bought something. I want to make one of the bags Sandie had made. She claims it's easy so I'm trusting her on that. I drove Marie over to the cafe and back and I know she was very happy with the outing. I think all of us were.

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