Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yesterday we had 24 ladies attend. It was nice to see so many ladies happily stitching away. Our friend Ann Bave passed away recently and Daryl brought in her obituary for us to read. Ann was a warm and generous person. I will always remember her surprise and joy at teaching a 6 year old to knit at one of our library programs. Betsey brought in a quilt top and asked for help pinning the sandwich together. She is making a group quilt for her priest in Arizona. Linda H. brought in her punch-quilt block which she picked up when the Jacksons brought in donations. She let me try a couple of pieces. It's an easy way to make what looks like a quilt block. I hope she'll keep it around to put in our show in February. Fran passed around a get well soon card for Pat OR who has been home sick for a couple of weeks. Marie brought in all of her 750 5" squares she has cut to ask for advice as to what to do with them. I had given her a pattern I found that was easy and could use 5" squares. She liked the pattern and picked out a fabric from her stash for the one common element in the design. It had green ivy leaves so it just seemed natural to pull the green squares from her pile to use in the quilt. She had enough different greens that I think it will make a very nice quilt. Sandie had to remind me again how to do the basket weave in my cross-stitch piece. I need to work on it more often so I don't forget. Sandie was working on a beautiful hardanger piece. She also helped Ethel get started on her new project. Sandie is a gem to have around! She's a very good teacher! On Tuesday Sept. 11th the Friends will begin setting up the community room for the booksale so we will have to go out to lunch that day. We've had a couple of suggestions so far but let me know if you know of a particularly good place for lunch.

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