Wednesday, July 18, 2012

16 ladies attended on Tuesday. Fran brought in the only show and tell: her sunflower. She says they are having a sunflower contest at the Altamont Fair this year so we should all make a sunflower and enter the contest. Marie was back this week. She was mostly recovered from her respiratory infection. Pat OR will be out for awhile though--she is at home getting physical therapy. Pat L. brought her granddaughter, Madeline, with her today. She spent her time on her laptop with headphones plugged in. I'm afraid us old ladies just can't compete with electronic friends to a teenager. And Lisa F., who works here at the library, came in with her son Benjamin to get some help starting a large cross-stitch. Sandie was on hand to give her some advice. Cathy C. came in late in the meeting. She is helping to clean out Linda O'Connor's studio. They started in the shed yesterday so Cathy brought in some of the things they found in the shed: some old books, yarn, threads, and tins. Everyone took what they wanted and as usual I took much of the rest. What I didn't take, Cathy was going to take to the Heldeberg workshop to see if they could use. Marie said it felt very strange taking some of Linda's things when she just saw Linda a few days before she died. We are all having a problem accepting that she could go so quickly. But, having been a teacher, I know she would want to share her things with everyone so that they could create, play, have fun and make something beautiful.

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