Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tuesday 17 ladies attended. Marie was out sick. We all hope she is feeling better.We had a visitor attend--Sally Ann from Toronto. She was visiting her brother here in Voorheesville and decided to spend an afternoon with us. She won our last raffle quilt so she has a particular fondness for the group. She and Marguerite, who is originally from Canada, sat together and talked. I hope Sally Ann will think of us next year when she visits. Daryl was back after missing many meetings. She has had 2 sick family members to care for. I hope they both recover soon. We didn't have any show-and-tells this week but since I only seem to be able to add 2 pictures to each blog post I will include the two other show-and-tells from last week. I spent Tuesday showing everyone the Nook. We are now circulating fully loaded Nooks to Voorheesville cardholders so I wanted to show it to all of my ladies. Deb gave us a report on her trip to the Vermont Quilt Festival. She went with June and her husband. After spending some time at the quilt show they wanted to explore some territory up there so went to Tupper Lake as well as visiting some old forts. Deb didn't know if she liked the quilt show better or the sight seeing!

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