Tuesday, May 01, 2012

25 ladies attended today. We had a group from the Village Quilters set up a fabric flower factory during the meeting. They are making kits for the group to make for our quilt show this summer. They were busily cutting up fabric and some of us were keeping our eyes on them because they were throwing away big pieces of fabric!! Heaven forbid!! Needless to say we rescued as many of these valuable scraps as we could. Pat OR finished her beautiful blue table runner she has been working on. I took a picture and will post it as soon as I get it off the camera. It was made from a kit and the blue fabrics are just gorgeous! I hope it will be in our show next February. Jo-Ann came in wearing a spectacular beaded cape a friend gave to her. We all wanted a closer look at it. There were quite a few cross-stitchers around the table today. Marie showed me a book of pin cushion patterns she had bought. It had a lot of nice little pin cushions. Marie was also showing us a short article about seniors and "the green thing" which she thought was great. It was about how in the old days we saved energy by such means as drying our clothes on the line, walking instead of driving, etc. The moral of the story was: don't tell old people that they aren't doing their part in saving the planet--they've lived more frugally than any of our children will. It was quite good. Apparently Winnie is at home not feeling too well. If you have a chance you might give her a call.

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