Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday 23 ladies attended. The highlight of the day was when Judy S. came in with Marie's finished quilt. This is the first quilt Marie has had machine quilted. She prefers to hand quilt but age has caught up with her and won't allow her to do hand quilting anymore. She has had this top around for awhile so decided it was time to pull it out and let a professional quilt it for her. She made a beautiful back for it our of some leftover blocks and the quilt is just lovely. It is a stack and whack  block in turquoises and purples. (Picture to follow). It is just beautiful and I think Marie is pleased as punch with it. She certainly had a big smile on her face! Fran also had a quilt she had just gotten back from the quilter. It is a large black and white quilt to go in her blue and white bedroom. It was also very nice. Jo-Ann had knitted a scarf which she gave to Cathy Y. to give to her daughter who is collecting winter items for her church. Linda O'C and friends (including me) are still busily making fabric flowers for the quilt show this summer. Sandie, Ethel, Pat L. and Rosemary are all working on cross-stitches. I found some chicken patterns in a book by Gwen Marston and decided some of the others of us should make chicken quilts to keep Tina's quilt company at our show next February. We'll see if we can have more that 1 chicken quilt. Deb was amusing us all with her talk of surfer boys in South Carolina. This weekend Jo-Ann, Diane M. and I are doing the shop hop so I assume that Jo-Ann and I will be bringing in new purchases to show next week. I can barely wait to spend my hard-earned money on more fabric, more tools, more of everything quilty none of which I need but all of which I want!

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