Tuesday, April 24, 2012

19 attended today. Kathy O's husband came in to visit with his cousin Carol so I made him sign in too so we had 18 ladies and 1 man today! Our big activity today was dividing up the batting that the Jacksons donated. We cut the thin and the thick batting into big pieces. There weren't enough pieces for everyone so we drew names out of a bag. Then we cut the bondable batting into table runner sized pieces and everyone who's making the challenge table runner took a piece of that. I think everyone went home happy. They all contributed to the donation fund for the Friends of the library too. The Friends are making out like bandits thanks to the Jacksons. We passed around a thank you card to send to the Jacksons so everyone could sign. Other than that...Sandie was doing cutwork embroidery. I was truly amazed because I haven't seen that done before and it just looks like it would take forever! Ethel had almost finished an embroidered hanging. I assume it will be in the Embroiderers guild show at the Pruyn House that is coming up. It was beautiful with beads and ribbon embroidery. Tina made some adorable knitted owl hot pads. I couldn't convince her to sell me one though. They were very cute. Betty brought in her serger to get some more instruction from Kathy O. who seems to have become an expert. I really admire Kathy's fearlessness at learning new machines, new techniques, etc. Plus she is such a natural teacher!

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