Wednesday, April 18, 2012

23 ladies attended yesterday. Tina brought in her adorable chicken quilt to work on. I think it will be the hit of the show next year. Fran had a rather large chicken pincushion to show. And I had made a quilt top over the weekend I wanted to show. Of course, the big excitement of the day was the return of Skip and Sharon with more sewing room giveaways! Skip suggested that in lieu of payment for all they were giving that we make a donation to the Friends of the Library. This was very generous of them and the ladies were all very happy to show their appreciation. Yesterday alone I collected $120! and not everyone had money or checkbook on them. The Friends will be very happy I'm sure. Other goings on yesterday, Kathy O., Sue and Betty all brought in their sergers to take some serger lessons. Kathy O. decided she wanted to make an all serged quilt so brought some serged pieces to show. I'm afraid most of us were so busy looking through the giveaways that we didn't pay much attention to the serging going on. Sandie was back from vacation and had purchased some very interesting "yarn". It was more like a ribbon with holes in it. You knit through the holes. The finished scarf looks like a boa or a clown's ruffle. It was most intriguing! Unfortunately, you need that specific kind of "yarn" to make that scarf and since they don't sell it around here Sandie's likely to be the only one to make a boa scarf. I passed out patterns for the table runner challenge and told people to feel free to change the pattern up some to make it work for you. As long as it looks like a rail fence pattern and has the same measurements it will be fine. The point is to take the same pattern and make our own versions of it to see the variety possible. I don't know if this is a good, workable challenge but I guess we'll find out if anyone actually makes it.

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