Tuesday, March 06, 2012

18 ladies attended today including one new lady. She is a friend of Sandy who wanted to give us a try. I hope she returns. Today Tina came in with a quilt top she was working on during the week. It is a very cute, fun chicken wall hanging she found in a book. It will be very fun to have in our show next week. Last Thursday at the Village Quilters meeting we had a textile conservator talk to us about taking care of our old quilts so I brought in 4 of my old family quilts to show. I kept them in the closet so that I could show the Nimblefingers today which I did. One of them is a yo-yo coverlet which is really quite impressive. The others are quilts and are made either by my grandmother or by my aunt's brother-in-laws wife. They are all from the 1930's or 40's so aren't terribly old but I think they are very nice quilts nonetheless. Today we had lots of good food: Cathy M. brought brownies, Winnie brought a chocolate chip cake, Jo-Anne brought kisses, and Rosemary brought scones. Pat H. came in late but not empty handed: potato chips. We had lots of leftovers for the staff who love Tuesdays for this very reason.I'm still downloading pictures from our show.

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