Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 ladies attended this week. I came with my digital camera with pictures of my new puppy to show. He's a baby German Shepherd puppy named Rudi. I'll be bringing it again next week to show those who missed it this week. Gotta show my baby pictures! Sue Kidder stopped by. I had a table and chairs in my car for a senior who needed it. We transferred it to Sue's car so she can deliver them. But while she was here she brought in some yarn and talked to the ladies about all of the charities she takes knitted and crocheted items to. She sent me the pattern for "Warmth for warriors hats." Many of my ladies were interested in that and took the pattern so I expect to see some knitted hats being made. My ladies are always looking for a new pattern and even more looking for someone who appreciates receiving these knitted goods. Last week Kathy O. and Sandie were working on this complicated looking woven knit pattern and this week Kathy came in with a partially completed back of a vest. Sandie's on vacation so Kathy is going to email her a picture of her woven vest. It's very impressive. Not being a knitter I am in awe of the things they make. June B. was back. She's working on a watercolor quilt with a featherweight sewing machine applique in the center. June is another one who doesn't shy away from a difficult pattern. The size of the pieces she will be appliquing would scare me away but after hand-piecing a complete Dear Jane quilt, June thinks this one will be a piece of cake! More power to her I say.

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