Wednesday, February 22, 2012

18 ladies attended. I demonstrated making the simple pseudo-log cabin scrap block I used for the big quilt in the show. It is very simple--just takes a lot of cutting if you are indeed using scraps like I was. You can make the one block (numerous blocks) and lay it out in many different settings for a completely different look. I made 3 different quilts using the one block: one with the zigzag layout, one in straight furrows, and 1 just with the blocks sitting in the same direction side by side. They look very different but all are made with the same block. We had a newcomer today--one of our library regulars who came to our open house. She is a knitter who is into felting at the moment. In a stroll around the table I saw that Pat OR is working on a blue appliqued table runner (from a kit) which is very pretty. Fran is making a wool applique table runner; Cathy Y. is knitting something green; Agnes was sewing on the binding for a baby quilt for a grand niece or nephew; Tina was making a yo-yo cat; Kathy O. brought in an old quilt in bad shape she picked up free this summer. She wants to restore it, appliquing over the worn spots because the hand quilting is so beautiful the quilt shouldn't end up in the rubbish bin. Ethel was finishing up a bag to be raffled off by one of her groups. Marguerite was hand quilting her little mile-a-minute quilt. Newcomer Linda was knitting what she called luggage which is what it looks like now. It will eventually be shrunk, felted and be a very nice bag with a picture in intarsia (I had to ask what that was) of her dog on it. Jo-Anne was knitting a scarf; and Cathy M. was doing redwork. All keeping busy again. And to eat we had a giant kiss I made and a carrot cake Jo-Anne brought. It's hard to diet in this group.

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