Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today there we 15 ladies attending. We had 1 new person (Juliann) and 1 returning (Tina back from the North). Julianne helped me lay out and sandwich one of our donation quilts and Cathy Y. and Fran helped tie it. I'm going to take it home and do some sewing on it then we'll give it away. I wanted to give it to Elaine L. who used to come to Nimblefingers. Her house was hit hard by hurricane Irene--their basement and first floor were flooded. When I talked to her last week they were having a company come in and professionally clean their house. In the meantime, they were living on the second floor. I wanted to give the quilt to her so they will have something nice, homemade and warm to curl up in and something to remind them that our thoughts are with them. Marguerite has been absent for a couple of weeks now. Her daughter is suffering from a mystery illness so Marguerite has been running back and forth from the hospital and also taking care of the grandkids. I hope the daughter recovers soon. Marie brought in quite a load of yarn, books, magazines and some fabric today. She's all moved out of her house now. She'll be sorting through her stuff at her new place for awhile yet though. Linda O also brought in magazines and says she plans to keep bringing some. I wouldn't mind the donations except that I end up taking so many of them home myself and I have no room for them either. It's much more fun to collect than it is to get rid of stuff.

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