Tuesday, December 28, 2010

9 ladies attended today. It was a small but happy group. I wasn't surprised that we were a small group with all of the snow out today. It's not nice weather for anyone with walking issues. Fran was the first to arrive. She had all of her Christmas fabric with her which she cut up to make pot-holders. Rosemary was next. She, Ethel, and Marguerite were all working on needlework projects. Tina is making one of Jean K.'s pincushions. Marie and Elaine were knitting. Cathy M. was appliquing flowers. And I was sewing buttons on a small wall hanging I am making. Cathy M. got a special Christmas present from her granddaughter--she had made a book of their photographs from their trip to China! Cathy shared that with us. What a clever thing to do with your travel photos! Marguerite brought in a finished dress for an African child. I gave her another partially finished dress that only needed the binding. Plus she took one Rosemary had started. Apparently Cathy M. and Fran both have some finished dresses at home. I plan to make some on Martin Luther King day when the Village quilters are having a sew-in at the library.

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