Tuesday, September 14, 2010

17 ladies attended today. Next week Jean will teach us to make the flower petal pin cushion so she gave us patterns today. Have your fabric cut and ready and she'll have us start sewing. Also within the next couple of weeks I hope Marguerite and Jo-Ann can teach us to make the tape measurer bags. I cut out the fabric today and hope to come with supplies ready so that someone will teach me. Tina was back today from her camp in the Adirondacks. She brought in a load of fabric that a neighbor had given her. Deb had some bad news about one of her dogs--it has cancer. She's very sad and so am I. It is really hard to lose a pet. Cathy M. brought in raspberry muffins made from the raspberries in her yard. They were yummy! And Marie brought in her recipes for dandelion wine and rhubarb wine. I don't think anyone wanted the recipes though. Pat OR brought in her butterfly that she made at Wiawaka. She thinks it's a very ugly butterfly and doesn't like it at all but she went ahead and finished it anyway. They have made more attractive pieces in previous years. But Pat always has a good time there so it really doesn't make much difference what they make. Winnie has been painting bird houses to sell at the farmer's market. I'm sure she has a good time doing that--she does love to paint.

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