Thursday, September 30, 2010

18 ladies attended on Tuesday. Betty K. and Linda O'C came with buttons to make button earrings. Several of us continued working on our flower pin cushion taught to us by Jean K. I still have a ways to go on mine but some of the others have started stuffing the pincushion. Marguerite gave Agnes a quick lesson on the measuring tape bag. I think next week she and Jo-Ann are going to bring in their patterns. Jo-Ann showed us a little quickie item she learned at the Cobleskill quilt show. She had made a pumpkin by wrapping fabric around a roll of toilet paper and adding a stem. It was cute and very quick. She reported that the Cobleskill quilt show was well worth visiting. I brought in a new knitting book with some quick projects but none of my knitters were interested enough to take it home. Daryl reported that she has now joined the 21st century. Her grandson helped her buy a computer and get set up on email. I'll be sure and tell her about the blog so she can keep in touch when she is traveling.

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