Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We had 13 ladies on Tuesday. Our special show and tell was Ethel's finished cross-stitch piece. As you can see, she does beautiful work! Today there was a lot of talk about food. I notice this of course, because I'm on another diet. I didn't eat any of the cookies but I did listen to the talk! Deb wanted me to announce the bus trip to Lowell Mass. in August. She is thinking of going and would like a companion. Fran's been on that trip before and says it's really good! They go to the New England quilt museum and to a separate show with vendors. I'll be checking my calendar! Today several ladies were doing cross-stitch and/or embroidery. Winnie was appliquing hearts for the wedding quilt she's making. Agnes helped Rosemary some more with a hidden nine-patch quilt. Fran was appliquing leaves. Pat asked if anyone had a 60 degree ruler but all we could tell her was that most long rulers have a 60 degree line on them. Her project would be much easier with a 60 degree template though. Marguerite and I did some more quilting on the future raffle quilt. Jo-Ann came in with a wheeled carrying case for a sewing machine which she was giving away. I took it home with me (I have no more space to store anything here at the library) so if anyone wants it they have to tell me. She was also working on a tulip bag. I'll be eager to see what it looks like finished. She certainly picked lovely fabric for it! Louise was quilting a beautiful red and tan scrap appliqued flower quilt. I tried to take a picture but the camera had a dead battery so I hope she brings it back another time. That's all for now...see you next week!

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