Tuesday, July 27, 2010

19 ladies attended today--we had a big group! Three knitters today, including Lexi, Marguerite's granddaughter. Marie and Sue were also knitting. Daryl and Rosemary were doing needlework projects today. Winnie was mending a blouse and Ethel brought in a bag pattern she is working on. Jo-Ann also brought in a bag to show us with instructions provided. Then we had a bunch of piecers and applique-ers and those sewing on quilt bindings. Then there were some of us, me included in this group, who were there for the company. I did bring in a quilt to show. Next week I'll bring in the pattern as requested. Deb was getting some advice on her Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Linda OC came in with lots of info about quilt shows in the area. She must have spent the weekend on the road visiting various shows. Betsey stopped by to let us know that she was still around. She's volunteering out at the airport again and had helped open an art show out there. I read about it in the newspaper--all the art is made of books. It sounded interesting to me but Betsey admitted that it wasn't her cup of tea. Winnie apparently splurged the other day and bought fabric to make quilts for all of her granddaughters (10 of them!). She's very ambitious. Ethel showed us her bag pattern then bid us all adieu--she's on her way to England/Ireland. Lucky her! Pat H. also came by. We haven't seen her for awhile so it was nice to see her again. I took some pictures which I will post when they become available.

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