Wednesday, May 05, 2010

20 ladies attended today. It was a big day for reunions: Betsy Hoffman was back from Arizona, Jean Kallop back from Florida and Daryl and her wheelchair returned! It's nice to have everyone back, but next week we lose Kathy O. who is going north for the summer. We always miss her but hopefully she'll bring back another easy quilt block to make. I started sewing the binding on Daryl's quilt down. Fran took it home to finish it. Deb was exhausted--a state I've never seen her in before. An aunt of hers died recently so she emptied the house and brought it all home to sell in the Altamont village yard sale. Next week she's going on vacation so hopefully she'll get her energy back up. Hattie's still working on her sweater; Agnes and Marie their Oops a daisy quilt; Pat OR her goodnight moon quilt; Tina her maple leaf blocks; Cathy Y. an afghan; Fran her placemats. It was a big group today--lots of conversation, lots of fun.

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