Tuesday, May 11, 2010

14 ladies attended today. Jo-Ann brought in her card-making supplies today. It reminded us of Alberta who used to make beautiful cards. She and her sisters haven't been to Nimblefingers for a long time and we all miss them. Cathy Y. was knitting her blue sweater. Rosemary had dug up an old rug-hooking project she had started a long time ago. Unfortunately, she had forgotten how to do latch-hooking. Fran gave her some pointers so hopefully she was able to get going on it again. Marie and Agnes are both working on the Oops-a-daisy applique quilt. Marie's on her 2nd block, Agnes on her 12th. It's a very time consuming project. Fran had made another baby quilt. She's been practicing her machine quilting on the placemats she's made so she tried machine quilting this baby quilt. She found it to be a whole different kettle of fish--a baby quilt is much bigger than a placemat and therefore much more difficult. Jean brought in some blocks she had been working on a while back. She found them while doing her spring cleaning. It is an applique flower block of which she has finished a fair number of blocks. She also brought in some funny panels she had bought somewhere of a Loralei design of fruits/vegees as clothing on women. They were very cute. Betsey found a beautiful panel in a quilt store in Oneonta which she is hand quilting. I sewed a nametag on Daryl's quilt so it is ready to be presented to her whenever we see her. Then I pulled out the raffle quilt to do some more hand quilting. Marguerite stopped in late having attended another luncheon at the Albany Med Auxiliary.

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