Thursday, January 07, 2010

This week 13 ladies attended. Everyone brought in their leftover holiday sweets so we had lots of cookies and candy! Fran was sewing the binding her kewpie doll quilt. She got the kewpie doll embroidery patterns from Marguerite. They had been Marguerite's mothers so had been around for a long time. She gave them to Fran, who loves doing redwork, and next thing you know the quilt is made! It will be in our show and will be a big hit I'm sure! Marie, who came with a frog in her throat, brought in her Japanese tatting book and hooks to show us. Her book is in Japanese which she can't read but as she says "I can read pictures." Japanese tatting uses a two-headed crochet hook with flat ends instead of a shuttle but I thought the lace looked the same as that made by a shuttle. Rosemary wanted to get a new library card since she is now an official resident of Voorheesville. She likes her new apartment and neighbors very much. Tina was working on her double thickness scrap afghan. I'm sure it keeps her warm as she works. Ethel was working on her "Old West Virginia home" needlepoint again. I hope she'll finish it in time for our show in February. Pat OR and MaryAnn were both doing wool work. Deb was mostly just causing trouble and making us laugh like she always does. She did pull out her hexagon top for a little while. Marguerite did some more quilting on the raffle quilt. Our dear Cathy Y. wasn't here--she slipped on the ice and broke her foot. This has been a very bad winter for slipping. The highlight of the day for me was when Lew Schedlbauer ("the quiltsmith") came in with my finished op-art quilt. He does such a great job it really looked stupendous! I spent the next 2 days showing it off to everyone in the library. It will be in our show just in case I missed anyone. Happy New Year to all and watch out for the ice!

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