Tuesday, January 19, 2010

17 ladies attended today. Kristin was back. She was making some Celtic cross panels for wall hangings. She made them by appliquing decorative trim in the cross pattern. They were quite stunning! I brought in my psychedelic 60's quilt to sew on the binding. Marguerite worked on the raffle quilt. Pat H. took some pictures of her VA hospital quilts. She and Agnes also finished tying them. Kathy O. gave Cathy M. the pattern for the knitted socks she makes though Kathy O. was crocheting scrubbies today. Marie brought in some tatting patterns to give Rosemary a lesson on tatting. Fran was appliquing leaves. Pat OR was embroidering her wool piece. Cathy Y. was quilting her baby quilt. And Deb is still working on her grandmother's flower garden. She says she's ready to burn it now she's getting so tired of it. She really picked a difficult project. We ended the afternoon with a very interesting conversation at my end of the table. Hmm...it had to do with gravity and the female body leading to a food discussion--limp cucumbers, muffins, cherries, watermelon. Can't you just imagine this crazy bunch of old women having this conversation! You never know where the conversation might lead in Nimblefingers! I will be gone next week and the following week we will be hanging/displaying our work so don't forget to bring it on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

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