Tuesday, January 12, 2010

17 ladies attended today. You can always tell when we have a good group because the noise level goes up considerably. Agnes and Daryl were back from visiting their kids. We haven't seen Daryl for awhile so it's nice to have her back. Hattie was knitting some mittens. Cathy O. was back to crocheting scrubbies. Pat H. brought in 3 quilts to sandwich. She makes quilts for soldiers stationed around the world so these were patriotic quilts. Cathy Y. came in with her boot on--she cracked a bone in her foot last week. Marie has been taking some meds so the frog in her throat was gone. Fran brought in another beautiful blue-work teddy bear quilt. I assume it will be in our show along with the kewpie doll quilt. Pat OR was working on her wool table rug. Winnie was getting some help cutting out a quilt. Tina was quilting her little wall hanging. Deb pretended to work on her endless hexagon quilt. We'll all be glad when she finishes this one. And I helped Pat H. for awhile then made some announcements: this year for our show we get the community room, the hall and the display case. Plus I handed out some posters for people to hang. I think we should have a nice show this year. Of course, we outdo ourselves every year so this one shouldn't be any different!

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