Tuesday, September 08, 2009

11 ladies attended today. Winnie and Jean were working on a quilt together. Pat O. had bought a halloween panel at a fabric store. When she put together the backing fabric she got inspired and appliqued some ghosts and cats. So now her quilt is going to be reversible--beautiful on both sides! Ethel was finishing up a small cross-stitch to make it frame-ready. It had the word STITCHING in cross-stitch with sewing charms by each letter. Very nice. I took down all of the camp quilts today. They will be picked up on Friday. I still have to finish tying one as does Joyce L. Jean says she has one at home to finish too. Deb came in today with tales of giant campfires at her camp in the Adirondacks. A bunch of us got together yesterday and went to the movie Julie & Julia. We had a good time.

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