Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11 ladies attended today. Last weekend the drawing was held for our raffle quilt (a mile-a-minute quilt). It was won by Warren Schlichkenrider. I hope he is very pleased with it. The highlight of today was seeing Ethel's bride cross-stitch framed! It is absolutely stunning! A marvelous piece of work! Also Kristin brought in a quilt top she made some time ago and became disenchanted with when she discovered that she had made a mistake in the piecing. She showed it to us and none of us could see the mistake. Even when she pointed it out it didn't look like a mistake so I think we convinced her that she should go ahead, finish it, and be proud of her work. Then she pulled out another quilt top that needed a border. She didn't know what fabric to use for the border. She and I studied it for awhile and decided that she was thinking too narrowly in her color choices so she pulled out some sample fabric with color that she could take to the fabric store. I'm sure she'll find the perfect piece. Marguerite pulled out the next raffle quilt and continued hand quilting. Pat H. and Winnie were tying a couple of quilts. Cathy Y. was knitting. Rosemary stopped by for a little while just to take a break from her unpacking: she just moved. And, Pat H. brought in some zucchini bread and homemade chocolate and peanut butter candies. Yummy! Another typically pleasant day in Nimblefingers.

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Margot said...

Kristin always does great stuff! Remind her that the Amish tradition is to make a small mistake in the quilt because only God does things perfectly. Looking forward to a pic of Ethel's bride cross stitch. Best to all the Nimble Fingers. Margot