Tuesday, May 20, 2008

16 ladies attended today. Betsey H. told us she is moving to New Jersey to be near her daughter. She's busily trying to clean out her house so brought in some beautiful needlepoint projects of her mothers to give away. She'll be leaving at the end of July. We'll really miss her but her daughter will be happy to have her around. Winnie brought in brownies today and Pat brought in cheese and crackers. Thank you both. We do eat well in our group. Jean Kallop made it in today. Her husband is quite ill so Jean's never sure when she can stop by. Fran brought in some samples and a pattern from a workshop she took. It was very interesting and the lady supposedly sells beautiful African fabrics so you know I'll be looking at that website! Fran also brought in her finished wool table runner. It was very nice, with poinsettias and berries. The ladies at my end of the table were knitting and some a little further down were working on Church rummage sale projects. Those ladies keep very busy making nice things for that annual rummage sale.

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