Tuesday, May 13, 2008

16 ladies attended today. Pat H. brought in a delicious pineapple-cheese cake. She just got a new oven and when asked for the recipe responded: "First you get a new oven..." Thanks for bringing it in Pat! I want to see the movie Young @ Heart so was asking everyone if they could come with me. I got a few takers but if any of you change your mind it's at 12:40 p.m. at the Spectrum Theater on Thursday afternoon. It's supposed to be a great movie so I think it will be a lot of fun. Back to Nimblefingers... Ann Clark from Delmar brought in some fabric to give away. Marie went home very happy with a big piece of wool tweed for her rug making. Daryl also filled a bag full to share with another group. Debbie was back working on the baby sweater she is knitting. Alberta and Nancy were also back. The group just doesn't feel complete when Alberta's not there. Marjorie brought in her finished Irish chain block that Kathy O. was helping her with. She did a great job! I put the binding on 2 of our little bug jar wall hangings. I want to get those finished in time for Summer Reading Club. Pat O. is working on a really cute applique baby quilt. Fran is making a penny rug. There was a lot of crocheting going on and one of the pieces of donated fabric was blue netting so I think we'll be seeing some blue scrubbies pretty soon.

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