Tuesday, May 06, 2008

16 ladies attended today. Marjorie, our new member, brought in some fabric and tools for some personal quilt-making instruction from Kathy O. Jean Kallop came in to visit for just a minute. She's back from Florida but her husband is ill and in the hospital right now. Daryl brought in some yummy banana bread plus a couple of bags of burlap and other fabrics. Deb brought in some big pieces of cowboy fabric to give away. Daryl, Agnes and especially me gobbled it up. I bought some cowboy fat quarters in Texas which I haven't yet turned into a quilt so maybe this extra fabric will help get me motivated. Cathy Y. was our representative knitter today although she was actually crocheting instead of knitting. Fran was back from her trip to NYC and Marguerite is getting ready to leave for her Mediterranean cruise. Daryl went to the big quilt show in Somers, NY. It sounded like a really good one. 200 vendors!

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