Tuesday, February 26, 2008

19 ladies today. We took down the quilt show. It is always so much easier to take down than it is to put up. Kathy O. brought in a quilt to sandwich. Our 2 new members each brought in a quilt to show us. Debbie brought in an antique appliqued quilt made by her husbands' grandmother. She wanted advice on how to wash it. Fran was going to supply her with the proper soap. Connie brought in a maroon log cabin she had made. They were both lovely. Mary Beth Burrill and her daughter Margaret came in looking for advice on how to make a quilt out of various zebra fabrics. MaryAnn M. and I got them started. Cathy Y. taught us how to cast on yarn for knitting so that the end won't roll. And a few people came in with blocks made for the Forest Dream quilt we plan to make. We will work on it some more next week. Also next week we will learn how to make a bug jar block. The Junior Nimblefingers will be meeting on Sat. March 8th and they will make a bug jar block so hopefully some of the ladies will help out with the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!... it's me, Margot

Glad to read that the Home Front Cafe is still going. I surely enjoyed it the several times I went. A zebra fabric quilt... sounds interesting. How nice that Deb has grandmother-in-law's quilt. I hope she shows it in the next quilt show.

We've had Amy the last week down from Durham, NC w/her rescued gold lab Lucy the last week. Has been fun to have a dog around, esp. since J & I are not responsible. Amy's a serious task master w/Lucy so she minds p's & q"s.

Temps here in the very pleasant 50s thru 70s. A near neighbor w/beautiful gardens gave me a car-load of plants which I got in the ground yesterday. Am wrecked today God forbid I should be getting older.

I just heard from Katherine. She & husband are still hanging in & still chewing over our political candidates. Bless their hearts!

Will be interested to see what comes of the "bug jars blocks"

Please give my best to all... Betsy, Alberta, Cathy Y, Kathy M. & etc.

I hope all is well with you, Roger, & "boys". Very best, Margot