Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today was a big day! We held our Open House and about 50 people attended including some old members we haven't seen in awhile and some new faces that I hope will come again. Kathy O. demonstrated Kaye Wood's 6 hour quilt. She came close to finishing the one she started after only 2 hours. We had lots of goodies to eat and friendly talking. It was wonderful to see our friends Katherine "the cat lady" Denegar and Anne Bave again! Many thank you's to their chauffeurs! Lew Schedlbauer, the Quiltsmith, brought in my latest quilt--a large all triangles quilt. I pieced the top and Lew quilted it for me. It's beautiful even if I do say so myself! I was glad that it was able to make it to our show. Thank you and congratulations to all of my talented ladies: you do beautiful work and you are a great bunch of ladies to have as friends! We all had a good time this afternoon as we do every Tuesday but it's nice to share this bit of joy with others on this special occasion. Thank you to all who attended. I'll add some pictures as they become available.

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Julie... I tried several times to post & failed. User name & password won't work. Ditto on Amy's bloggerspot (she switched from Yahoo) but she pointed out that I can post as "anonymous" so am trying it this way.
I loved Fran's small flower hanging, Betsey's purses & Tom & Tallulah. Larger hangings: the Japanese ladies; an African looking thingy in maroons, black, & golds; hearts, a family photo hanging; something in yellow, chartreuse, purple & pink squares & oblongs. Was great to see you all. Love your new hairdo. Betsey (to right of Darryl... yes?), please tell her that her hair looks great streaked. Winnie... Cathy Maikoff... everyone looks like they could go another 70+ years. A very successful show & I wish I could have been there. Please give my best to all & thanks so much for sharing. Margot