Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today was our 14th anniversary party! 21 ladies attended. I had some books, magazines and CDs available as gifts/purchases and we had a pretty cake from Nichol's and some chocolate cupcakes from dear Pat Hammond, our favorite baker. We had a very nice little party with pictures to look at and pictures to take. Fran Hahn brought in her beautiful applique quilt that she has been working on for a couple of years. It is truly fantastic! Cathy Maikoff sewed together the blocks and lattice for another prayer quilt. It is pink and wild looking! Margot continued teaching Edith Goldstein how to make a quilt. Her little attic window quilt is coming along nicely. Pat Hammond brought in 1 of 3 mile-a-minute quilt tops she has made. Our old friends Sharon Jackson and Ingrid Dispenza stopped by for a visit as did Sue Reilly. Although many of our faces have changed in the last 14 years...actually all of our faces have changed in that time (big glasses, long hair and I was thin!), nevertheless our little group is still going stong. Nimblefingers has always strived to be a friendly, social outlet for those of us with common interests as well as a place to learn some new skills, improve upon old ones, or to try out some new ideas. Apparently we are succeeding. We've been together for 14 years now and I hope we can keep it up for another 14 years! Our faces may continue to change but our need for friendship and our love of needlework will never change. Happy anniversary and congratulations Nimblefingers ladies! It's definitely been fun!

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