Tuesday, September 12, 2006

16 ladies attended today. The Friends of the Library gave us $200 to buy supplies with so last weekend I went shopping. Today we made use of the new rotary cutter, cutting board and rulers. I was cutting some of the cloth in our stash to make more prayer quilts. As a result, several people found themselves with assignments for 3 different 12 1/2" blocks. Daryl also practiced her rotary cutting on her crazy quilt blocks. The new supplies are already showing their value. Thank you Friends of the Library! We ate very well today too thanks to Daryl Webb's apple crisp and Jean Kallop's apple cake. And if that wasn't enough, Pat Hammond brought in some chocolates to fill whatever empty space there was in our stomachs. Betty Smith brought in a wild scarf she had made out of some very unusual yarn and very large needles. You can always count on Betty to make something totally unique! Margot was continuing to give some personal piecing instructions to Edith Goldstein who happily completed an attic window block. Congratulations Edith! Fran brought in pictures from her week at Wiawaka and Alberta brought in pictures of the Guilderland seniors 2005 quilt show. Margot brought in her almost completed star fling quilt top. It is a scrap quilt with lots of zing and surprisingly, a little bit of an optical illusion! Good going Margot!

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