Wednesday, September 20, 2006

17 ladies attended today. Anne Bave came with about 9-9" blocks so we cut some of our other blocks down, found some fabric for the lattice, gave the whole thing to Cathy Maikoff to sew together, and we will have created another prayer quilt! The easiest one so far! Thank you Anne! Betsey Hoffman gave me a beautiful hand-made card to use as a thank you note to the Friends for giving us the money for the tools (which we used again today to cut out the lattice strips). It is really great to have the tools right here to use as needed. At the last Village Quilter meeting they had many quilt stencils available for the taking. I took them all to be kept here for use by either the V.Q.'s or Nimblefingers. Marguerite and Fran have already taken advantage of this offer. Today I brought in a bug jar quilt made for a friend's granddaughter. It turned out very cute. Pat brought in some super yummy peanut butter-chocolate bars. She promised to bring the recipe next week.

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