Tuesday, July 11, 2006

17 ladies attended. This was the first day of Junior Nimblefingers and unfortunately only 2 girls came. Hopefully more will come as the summer goes along. We showed off the quilt we made for Edith Kilmer. It is finished and tied now and ready to be given to her. Her sisters, Alberta and Nancy haven’t come to the last couple of meetings so I hope Edie is still okay.
Julie Stump showed off her challenge block for the Quest for a cure contest and a crazy star baby quilt. Next week she will be teaching the group to make that block. She also invited the junior Nimblefingers to participate.
Louise Claflin was back from Florida today. She will be teaching us to appliqué later in the month.
And we had one new person join us, Jan Brennon, who learned about us at the Village Quilters quilt show last weekend. Welcome Jan!

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