Tuesday, July 18, 2006

14 adults, 14 kids. Today I brought sewing machine and tools and taught the ladies (and 3 kids) to make the star fling block. It was fun but crazy! We could have used more pressing stations, sewing machines, cool air, cold drinks...I was so hot! I'll sleep well tonight!
We gave Alberta the prayer quilt to take to her sister Edith. Louise picked out some fabric for the sashing and backing for Katherine’s quilt.
Junior Nimblefingers appears to be a success today. Three girls worked with Cathy Yachup on knitting, three girls with me making a patchwork block. The other kids, including one boy, worked with Joyce Laiosa (the youth services librarian) on a needle case and pincushion. I think everyone had a good time. I know my ladies enjoyed laughing at me bathing in sweat and running around like crazy. They did make some nice blocks though. We will continue with this lesson next week for those who didn't finish their block, want to make another, or just to show off our blocks. Also next week, I will pass out a list of items to bring to make the applique table runner that Louise Claflin will teach us. Plenty to look forward to! (Photo is Deb Johnson helping Abbey and Haley)

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VPL Youth Services said...

It looks very nice, Julie. I love the banner that Lesa did!